Monday, June 14, 2010

Are prayer requests gossip?

Prayer Requests can be guised under false pretenses, when fellow Christians decide to take matters into their own hands and betray a confidence of another believer even when asked not to say anything, then still go ahead and spill the request to others, is a sign that certain people are not to be trusted.  I know Christians have good intentions, but if we are asked to not say anything to anyone else, then we should honor that request and not go to others to share someone's private information.  I think there are two kinds of prayer requests, the kind that were meant for listener's and the kind that are disguised as gossip.  Why do so many Christians feel it is okay to use prayer requests as gossip?  It is disheartening and saddens the Heart of God when we disobey the very thing that God says can destroy people, relationships and the like.  "There is life and death in the tongue."  And when we decide to act on someone else's behalf to "share a prayer request" that was not ours to share, then we have sinned.  We have spread gossip.  I feel it is an honor when someone comes to me with a burden or request and truly needs prayer.  It is also my responsibility at that time to prove to that person that I can be trusted by keeping their request.  When you have that kind of honor and responsibility, you should respect the person who told you and keep it between you and God.  Commit to pray for them and their burden, but don't share it with others.

Let's start doing what the Bible says to do and STOP gossiping!!!  I feel if we start with one area in our lives that the rest will get easier!!