Thursday, May 20, 2010


Insanity Workout My brother had this great idea that I would love this new workout program called "Insanity".  Man was he right.  I am on week 4 and it is INSANE.  Hence the name "Insanity".  For those who are not aware of this workout program.  It is 60 days of nothing but pure intense and insane workouts.  You are only using your body as resistance.  No weights are necessary!  Just grab a towel and TONS of water!!  The workouts are not more than 45 min!  You get a calendar and a log to follow along which days go with what workout as well as a log for a fit test that you take every two weeks.  The fit test is pretty cool because you can see how well you are progressing!!  Just in the first 3 weeks I noticed a huge difference in strength and overall well being!!  I normally run and lift weights, but this is so much for intense and just a butt kicking, sweat drinching workout!!  So all of you that what to get that rockin body for the summer or just to have one...get INSANE with "Insanity"!!!
Insane Body Workout

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