Thursday, May 20, 2010

iPad Review - iPad Review

iPad Review - iPad Review

For those that would like to know a bit more about an iPad...visit this link. This guy did some extensive reviews and research on the iPad and really explains a lot about the funtionality of it!!

Happy reading.


Insanity Workout My brother had this great idea that I would love this new workout program called "Insanity".  Man was he right.  I am on week 4 and it is INSANE.  Hence the name "Insanity".  For those who are not aware of this workout program.  It is 60 days of nothing but pure intense and insane workouts.  You are only using your body as resistance.  No weights are necessary!  Just grab a towel and TONS of water!!  The workouts are not more than 45 min!  You get a calendar and a log to follow along which days go with what workout as well as a log for a fit test that you take every two weeks.  The fit test is pretty cool because you can see how well you are progressing!!  Just in the first 3 weeks I noticed a huge difference in strength and overall well being!!  I normally run and lift weights, but this is so much for intense and just a butt kicking, sweat drinching workout!!  So all of you that what to get that rockin body for the summer or just to have one...get INSANE with "Insanity"!!!
Insane Body Workout

Friday, May 14, 2010

Cell Phones in our public Schools???

Last night Steven and I were watching News Channel 4. One of our local news stations. The story was about a fight that had taken place in an Edmond Middle School. The main complaint of a parent and the station, was that students had recorded the fight from their cell phones and why in the world were these students using their cell phones in school? REALLY? Come on....what about the fact that two students were beating the snot out of each other?? Is that not a concern? What about the NO Tolerance policy that is suppose to be in place in our schools these days? When the station had asked about the NO cell phone policy to the disctrict, they had said that students in elementary and middle schools are not allowed to have cell phones on the school premises. I think we need to get off the soap box about kids using their cell phones in school and get on the train that supports NO FIGHTING in our schools!!! And one other side note, I do believe that students shouldn't be allowed to use their cell phones at school, so maybe parents need to get more involved with helping our schools keep this policy in place!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

OK Wind

So who thinks that the wind in Oklahoma is just rediculous? Can I see a raise of hands? I thought so!! Yea so, as I am driving on Hefner Rd to take my kids to their brothers baseball game, we see four police cars along side the lake on the road that wraps around Lake Hefner. It appears that the wind blew a little sail boat into the rocks and capsized it! Totally scarey!! How awesome of the OKC police dept. to respond so quickly to the call of help. I haven't seen anything on the news yet, but there were helicopters, so tune in!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


How come some people in this world seem to be ABOVE the law? How is it that their are those that can act like terrorists and leverage certain things to get their own way and not be held accountable for their actions?

Like a mother who leverages her kids against the kids dad. Never follows the court ordered custody agreement. Gets away with whatever she wants to do whenever she wants to do it. Always has some type of excuse as to why the kids cannot see their dad even though the dad pays child support on time every month, loves his children more than life it self, and is the most honest and caring dad there could be. But gets the shaft every time he turns around from this person who has all the power and leverages....the kids!

It just seems so unfair to me in so many ways. It is devestating to watch how someone can get away with horrible actions and behaviors over and over again.

Good thing that I believe that everyone someway or another is held accountable for their good and bad actions. I guess it is the old saying that says, "what goes around comes around!" Man is that so true.